Over the last several years SCEF has awarded nearly $150,000 to SCHS’s worthy staff. Below is a list of many of the prior grants given to teachers and staff members to better the learning experience of their students.

2017 Grants ~ $21,485.00

Item Department
Books & Audio Books Language Arts
Magazine Subscription Social Studies
Cyber Security Software Computer Science
Computer Drops Performing Arts
Book Sets Foreign Language
Kiln Art
SAT Preparation Language Arts

2016 Grants ~ $9,079.75

Item Department
Item Department
BioChem Devices Environ. Science
Bluetooth Probeware Units Chemistry
HDI-SCA Certification Exam Fees Computer Science
52 Student Choice Books Language Arts
110 Books Language Arts
Riso Printer Administration

2015 Grants ~ $14,489.18

Item Department
Macbook Pro Upgrade English Dept.
ACT Prep Workshop English Dept.
AP Physics Equipment AP Physics
Lenovo Thinkpad French
3 Artistic Behavior Storage Units Art Dept.
Classroom Atlas Set Social Studies
60 Music Stands, 50 Chairs, and 3 Chair Storage Racks Orchestra
AVER Vision F17 Document Camera Math

2014 Grants ~ $10,237

Item Department
3D Printer IMC
ACT Workshop Language Arts
Chinese New Year Event SCLA
Document Camera Language Arts
Heart Rate Monitors (24) Physical Education
Laptop Language Arts
Science Learning Systems Science
Upfront Magazine Subscription Social Studies
Website Hosting Fee for School Newspaper School Newspaper

2013 Grants ~ $7,081

Item Department
Assembly – Rachel’s Challenge SCLA
Video Monitor for TV Studio Performing ARts
“An Ordinary Man” (20) Language Arts
Document Cameras (3) Health, SCLA, Special Education (2)
Laptops (4) Family Consumer Science, Math, Study Hall, Universal High School
I-pad, Chrome Books (3), Tablet Language Arts/ELL, Performing Arts, Science, Study Hall
Resources/Common Assessments Mathematics
After Prom Games SCLA
Talon Tribune (school newspaper) SCLA

2012 Grants ~ $9,991

Item Department
Audio books – devices and books: iPod shuffles (5) and book subscriptions) Literacy & Special Education
Books for Nooks, Nooks for Books IMC
Camcorder School Newspaper
Cameras for Video Production Fine Arts
Cello Performing Arts
Document Cameras (5) Language Arts, Math, Science (2), Social Studies
Laptops (4) Health Education, Language Arts, Social Studies, Special Education
Leadership Training for SCLA Staff SCLA
Tablets, iPad (2) Language Arts (2), Social Studies
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Language Arts
The Transition Curriculum – James Stanfield Special Services
Whiteboard Performing Arts

2011 Grants ~ $9,644

Item Department
Video Flip Cameras (4) SCLA
New York Times Up Front Subscriptions Social Studies
Supplies Art
School Library Leadership Summit IMC
Document Cameras (5) Language Arts (2), Mathematics, Social Studies, Science
Teacher Edition for Read 180 & Headphone w/Microphone Special Education
Registration Fee – We The People Social Studies
Laptops (4) Language Arts (2), Mathematics, Science
Document Reader Family Consumer Science
Textbooks – Chemistry Science
Experimental Learning Items SCLA
Classroom Clickers Science
Camera Family & Consumer Science
Promethean Active Slate Mathematics
Stereo Recorder – Portable Performing Arts, Orchestra

2010 Grants ~ $4,998

Item Department
10th Grade L.A. Novel Collection Language Arts & Social Studies
Cameras for School Newspaper School Newspaper
Curriculum – Teachers Guide, “Leadership for Teenagers” SCLA
Document Camera Mathematics
3D Brain Models (8) Social Studies
Equipment for Video Production Class Performing Arts – Band/Music/Tech
Honors US History – Greatest Generation Class Set Social Studies
Laptop Language Arts
Slate for the Promethean Board Foreign LA & Drivers Ed.
Software: Content Management Software (Syncroneyes) IMC
Spanish Novels & Books Foreign Language

2009 Grants ~ $3,030

Item Department
Projector Mathematics
Experiencing Art Outside the Classroom Art
Leadership Retreat SCLA
Historical Films WWII Novel Library (19) Language Arts & Social Studies
Kite Runner (30) Language Arts & Social Studies
MacBeth (30) Language Arts
Printer Study Hall
Current Issues of Books and Art Supply (5) Social Studies