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Whether you are a parent, community member or corporation there are many ways you can contribute to SCHSEF. If you are interested in helping SCHSEF in any way please fill out the content form below. A board member will get in touch with you about opportunities to support Silver Creek High School students and teachers.

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Becoming involved in the Silver Creek High School Education Foundation is a great way to improve your child’s education experience. SCEF provides parents with numerous ways to lend a hand. If you want to help the SCEF cause but are unable to invest your time, giving financial aid is a great option. We make donating easy, simply click the donate button on our home page and make your contribution. If you are looking to become more involved in the inner workings of SCEF you have a few options. Those interested in being a part of the board or a committee can apply for a position after sitting in on a meeting to see what we do. Volunteering is another great option for parents who want to become involved. We often need help planning, managing and running events and fund raisers held throughout the year. Finally, as a part of the Raptor Community, one of the simplest ways you can contribute is to share the vision of SCEF with fellow community members.


The Raptor Community is made up of alumni, parents of alumni, small local businesses and organizations. As an essential support system for the Education Foundation program the community can contribute in many ways. Giving time to enrich the program through volunteering and mentoring is a valuable commitment
Donations are also very valuable. You can easily give a donation from our home page. We also gratefully accept donations in the form of equipment or software.


We encourage corporations to involve themselves in the SCEF as well. Again, we gladly accept donations to further our cause as well as equipment and software contributions. There are also many opportunities for corporations to involve themselves with mentoring and


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